Alana Fire Tv Unit 200cm

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Material: Engineered Wood (European Standard), Walnut Veneer, Metal, 3D flame effect display panel
Made in: Turkey
200cm / 43cm / 50cm

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The Alana Fire TV Unit comes in a beautiful 200cm size and a warm walnut color. It’s a perfect piece of furniture that combines practicality with looks. Intended for modern entertainment setups.

It’s 200cm wide, which is great for big TVs. So, it works well in big living rooms or smaller entertainment spaces. The walnut color looks elegant and timeless. It can fit in with many different styles of room decoration, whether old-fashioned or modern.


A special thing about the Alana Fire TV Unit is that it has a fireplace built into it. Right in the middle, there’s a really nice electric fireplace. This fireplace doesn’t just look cool, but it also heats up the place when it’s cold outside. It makes the room feel warm and comfy during chilly times. You can even change how warm it gets and how the flames look, just like a real fireplace, but you don’t have to do all the hard work to keep it clean.

The Alana Fire TV Unit is made to be super useful. There are shelves and places to put things that you use for entertainment, like game consoles, DVDs, and stuff like that. Messy cables won’t be hanging around because you can keep them neat at the back. This makes your living area look tidy and nice.

This unit has a strong and well-built structure. The outside features a smooth layer made from nice walnut wood. The materials used are top-notch, so even if you use it a lot, it will still look good. The finishing on it not only makes the wood look better but also keeps it safe from damage.


To sum up, the Alana Fire TV Unit with its 200cm size and walnut color is a great example of blending usefulness and looks. It’s big and the warm walnut color makes it fit well in different styles of rooms. The built-in electric fireplace is not only nice to look at but also heats up the room well. It’s easy to store things in it, it’s built to last, and you can put it together without much trouble. So, if you want something that looks good and works well for your entertainment area, the Alana Fire TV Unit is a really good choice.