Asher Terrazzo Coffee Table Silver

AED 1,450.00

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Material: Brushed Stainless Steel, Terrazzo Stone
Made in: China
100cm/ 100cm / 45cm

Out of stock

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A unique piece for any style of interior that charms with its spotted colors on a sleek white terrazzo stone top. With a brushed stainless steel base, the Asher Terrazzo Coffee Table Silver gives personality and style. The terrazzo table will certainly be a perfect centerpiece in your home. White terrazzo stone shapes up as the perfect host for books, magazines and snacks for a crowd. Large square shaped coffee table for large seating areas with natural beauty and modern form.

Finding inspiration in mid-century modern style, the outdoor-friendly Terrazzo Square Coffee Table is both nostalgic and of-the-moment. The bold geometric legs and large squared top is hand crafted of creamy white concrete and speckled with real stone fragments in warm, earthy hues. The terrazzo stone adorns many articles of furniture and also accessories. Terrazzo center tables in a friendly Fifties look perfectly reflect this important interior trend. Small, colourful pieces of stones can be seen in the concrete tabletop.

One of the best materials of the moment. Terrazzo slab is a composite stone created by combining chips of aggregates such as marble and granite to create distinctive colours, patterns and textures. The result? Every piece is indeed a one-of-a-kind find. The contemporary combination of on-trend terrazzo with a bold brushed silver stainless steel base epitomises urban industrial style. Create an ultra-current, contemporary look with the Asher Terrazzo Coffee Table Silver.