Asta Wooden Tv Unit 200cm

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Material: Engineered wood (European Standard), Walnut Veneer, Metal
Made in: Turkey
200cm / 40cm / 50cm

In stock

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The Asta Wooden TV Unit is like the superhero of your living room! It’s a big deal at 200cm long, and it’s made of this awesome walnut veneer that gives off a warm and cozy feeling. But what really makes it super cool? Those shiny gold metal legs that add a touch of modern glamour!

Let’s chat about how it’s not just good-looking—it’s super useful too! This unit is like a storage wizard. You can plonk your big TV on top and still have plenty of space for your game consoles, DVDs, or cute little decorations. It’s like having your very own display spot!

Now, that walnut veneer isn’t just about style—it’s tough stuff too! It means this TV unit is super strong and will stay looking fantastic for ages. And those gold legs? They’re not just there for looks—they’re really strong, giving solid support to your unit.

What’s really nifty about this TV unit is its size. Being 200cm long gives you loads of options for where to put it. Against the wall, in a corner, or even slap bang in the middle of the room—it fits in perfectly, making your space feel cozy and stylish all at once.

This Asta Wooden TV Unit isn’t just any piece of furniture; it’s a mix of classy, super useful, and totally modern. It’s like having a star in your room! Whether you want to show off your TV or display your favorite stuff, this unit is your go-to. It’s a statement piece that brings both style and smarts to your home.