Style Your Coffee Table So It Always Looks Good

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Style Your Coffee Table So It Always Looks Good


If you’re looking to create a stylish living room, one key element to focus on is your coffee table. Not only is it a practical surface for placing drinks or books, but it’s also an opportunity to add some decorative flair to your space. Here are some tips for how to style your coffee table so it always looks good:

Keep it simple

When styling your coffee table, remember to keep it simple. A cluttered table can be too much and ruin the look of your room. Pick a few important pieces that stand out, like a artificial plant, a pile of fancy books, or a decorative tray.

To style your coffee table, remember that simple is better. Think about your living room style when picking your pieces. For a modern and minimalistic room, choose one eye-catching item or a basic flower vase. For a more traditional room, use a fancy book stack or a decorative tray with classic items like candles or a small sculpture.

Play with height

Incorporating items of varying heights can add depth and interest to your coffee table display. Consider adding a tall vase or candle, a medium-sized decorative object, and a stack of books or smaller decorative items. This creates a visually appealing display that draws the eye in and adds dimension to your living room.

To balance the items on your coffee table, consider their heights. You don’t want one piece to take over, so arrange them to feel equal and pleasing. For instance, put a tall vase on one side, a middle-sized item in the middle, and books or small objects on the other side.

Mix textures

Combining different textures can create a tactile and interesting coffee table display. For example, a wooden tray paired with a ceramic vase and a velvet candle can create a visually appealing combination. Mixing textures adds visual interest and creates a dynamic display.

When combining textures on your coffee table, think about your living room style. For a modern and simple room, try smooth textures like a shiny stone vase or a polished ceramic piece. For a bohemian or mixed style, use natural textures like a woven basket or a rustic wooden bowl.

Add a personal touch

Incorporating personal items into your coffee table display can add a sense of warmth and personality to your living room. This could be a family photo in a decorative frame, a souvenir from a recent vacation, or a treasured decorative object. Including personal items on your coffee table makes your living room feel more personal and welcoming.

To choose personal items for your coffee table, think of what’s important to you. It could be a family picture in a fancy frame, a travel souvenir, or a special decoration. By adding items that mean something to you, your coffee table becomes more than just decoration – it represents your style and preferences.

Consider the season

Switching up your coffee table decor with the changing seasons can keep your living room feeling fresh and current. Incorporating seasonal items into your coffee table display adds a touch of seasonal flair to your living room.

To add seasonal items to your coffee table, think of the colors and textures linked to that season. For example, in fall, use decorative gourds or dried leaves in a vase. In winter, add pinecones or a holiday candle. In spring, put fresh flowers in a vase. This way, your living room will feel current and in sync with the season’s changes.

Don’t forget functionality

While it’s important to create a visually appealing coffee table display, don’t forget to make sure it’s still functional. Ensuring that your coffee table is functional makes your living room feel more livable and inviting.

When thinking about functionality, consider leaving some space on your coffee table for drinks or snacks. You may also want to consider using a decorative tray to corral items like remotes or coasters. By making sure that your coffee table is functional, you can create a living room that feels both beautiful and livable.

In conclusion, style your coffee table so it always looks good. Decorating your coffee table is a chance to add a fancy touch to your living room. Keep it simple, vary heights, mix textures, add personal items, think of the season, and make it functional. Keep your living room style in mind when choosing items. Have fun playing with different combinations. With these tips, your coffee table will be a stylish focal point in your living room.

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