Tribe Wooden Tv Unit Cream 200cm

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Material: Engineered wood (European Standard), Melamine , Painting, Metal
Made in: Turkey
200cm / 36cm / 47cm

In stock

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Tribe Wooden Tv Unit Cream 200cm

The Tribe Wooden TV Unit Cream 200cm in a graceful cream finish, spanning an expansive 200cm in width, is a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this TV unit not only enhances the aesthetics of your living space but also offers copious storage space to keep your entertainment area organized and visually appealing.

With its remarkable 200cm width, the Tribe Wooden TV Unit provides an expansive stage for your television, making it a perfect fit for large flat-screen displays. Its sizeable surface ensures that even the most sizeable televisions are securely accommodated. The cream finish lends an air of sophistication and serenity to your space, setting the tone for a captivating and inviting entertainment area.

Best Features

The best thing about the Tribe Wooden TV Unit 200cm is how it helps you store things. It knows we have a lot of stuff like game consoles, DVDs, and other things with our TVs nowadays. So, it’s designed to hold all of that. It features open shelves for placing things on them, and closed cabinets for hiding things away. This mix is really nice for both showing off and keeping things private.

The shelves that are open are like a perfect spot to show your DVDs, books, or things you really like that match your style. This makes your space feel more like you, and you can get to stuff you use often without trouble. On the other hand, the closed cabinets serve as a secure place for items you want to keep hidden, such as remote controls, gaming gear, or any small items that tend to accumulate.

Dealing with messy cables can be a headache in modern setups, but the Tribe Wooden TV Unit makes it simple. It has a clever way to handle cables. It guides and organizes them neatly, so they don’t look messy and your living area stays tidy. You won’t have to worry about messy and tangled cords that take away from your fun.

The 2 meters cream color of the Tribe Wooden TV Unit doesn’t just look nice, it also makes the unit strong. Wood is known for being tough and lasting a long time. This means the TV unit will stay good for a while. To keep it looking nice, just clean it sometimes and give it a bit of polish here and there. This will make sure the cream color keeps shining and looking great.


The Tribe Wooden TV Unit Cream 200cm in cream color is a mix of looking fancy and being useful. It’s really big at 200cm, so it works well with big TVs. You get both open shelves and closed cabinets, so you have plenty of places to put things. The cream color makes it look both nice and strong, and it also deals with cables so they don’t look messy. You can make your entertainment spot better with the Tribe Wooden TV Unit. It’s a clear example of how modern furniture can be both good-looking and practical.

What’s also great about the Tribe Wooden TV Unit is that it fits well with different room styles. It doesn’t matter if your place looks old-fashioned or modern, it goes with both. It’s a piece that goes well with your decorations and stands out on its own too.