Vesta Tv Unit 150cm

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Material: Engineered wood (European Standard), Melamine, Metal
Made in: Turkey
150cm / 35cm / 58cm

In stock

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Vesta Tv Unit 150cm

The Vesta TV Unit 150cm is really nice. It’s 150cm wide and has a cool oak finish that looks great. This piece of furniture is all about being useful and good-looking. It’s a versatile choice for any living area, and it combines a good appearance with practical features.

At 150cm wide, the Vesta TV Unit is a good compact size. It fits upto 55 inches flat-screen TVs nicely, so whether your room is small or medium-sized, it works. The top part is just right for your TV, making sure it stays steady and safe while looking good.

The oak melamine finish of the Vesta TV Unit is like a tribute to how nice real wood looks. Melamine is great because it’s tough and doesn’t easily get scratched or stained, so your unit will stay nice for a long time. The oak pattern adds a cozy and welcoming feel to your living area, like a touch of nature.

Unique Features

More than just looking good, the Vesta TV Unit has some practical features too. It has both open shelves and closed cabinets, which means you can put lots of things in it in different ways. You can show off things like game consoles or make it look nice with decorations. And you can hide away DVDs and remotes in the closed cabinets so things don’t look messy.

Dealing with cables can be tricky with TVs, but the Vesta TV Unit makes it easy. It has a clever way to hide and organize the cords, so they don’t look messy and the unit looks neat.

The Vesta TV Unit goes well with many different styles of room decoration. Whether your room looks really simple, has an old-fashioned feel, or is a mix of different things, this unit fits in nicely. It’s not just a place for your TV, but also a decoration that makes your room feel good.

The Vesta TV Unit in oak melamine is more than just furniture; it shows how someone really thought about making it useful and nice. It’s 150cm wide, which is good for different spaces. The oak melamine finish makes it look fancy and it’s tough too. With its places to store things, ways to manage cords, and how it fits different room styles, the Vesta TV Unit is all about looking good and working well.


To sum up, the Vesta TV Unit 150cm is a practical choice for any home. It’s 150cm wide and has a nice oak melamine finish that doesn’t go out of style. It’s designed well and has good storage options. Paying attention to the small details, it’s a smart investment to keep your TV and make your living area look good. With the Vesta TV Unit, you get both style and practicality, showing how modern furniture can be great.

Taking care of the Vesta TV Unit is easy. Just dust it regularly and sometimes wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it looking nice. This is good if you want something that looks good but is also easy to take care of.